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Energy Management

‘Energy management’ term has a number of meanings, but we're mainly concerned with the process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy in a production facility or building.

To manage the energy, first we need to monitor the energy and record it continuously and further analyze. Manual monitoring does not help since the sampling rate is very low and does not record sudden changes and peak requirements. So we need a data acquisition system (DAQ) which will gather the data centrally and be interfaced to all the individual units which need automated monitoring or control.


Attendees' profile

Team members with minimum one year experience in handling different equipment’s, machines and analyzing energy costs in the Industry from maintenance, utility and design department attended the session.

Equipment’s presented for hands-on / demo

Demo lab set up at show, consisted of complete setup of DCS based solution, including DAQ for energy management, interfaced with live equipment’s as load samples for recording and analyzing data.


Participants received following benefits

  1. Access to White Papers and Case Studies
  2. Insight into energy management cycles, associated equipment and solutions
  3. Hands-on exercise for recording and analyzing energy and cost data.
  4. Optional hands-on exercise for automatic load shedding


Lead Facilitator

Nikhil Katiyar

  1. Mr Katiyar is B.Tech in Electronics & Instrumentation from UP Technical University. 
  2. He started working in Process Industry, as an Instrumentation Engineer and has executed projects in Oil & Gas Industry. 
  3. He is currently Working as Application Engineer in Business Unit - Process & Factory Automation at B&R Industrial Automation Pvt. Ltd.  

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