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Process Simulation

Process simulation and effectiveness of Process Control Systems is part of standard engineering practice when a process engineer wants to evaluate performance of control system before testing on the actual equipment. This is especially needed in cases of-

  1. Hazardous processes where process engineer has to do a prior risk analysis
  2. Processes involving expensive raw materials
  3. Processes performed with high cost equipment
  4. Fine tuning of the process control algorithm


The basic idea of this simulation model is to use standard PLC with HMI software and a scripting or programing done generating inputs to control system according to various extreme conditions of process and check response of the control system to the same. The control system logic can be tuned till process engineer is satisfied and all possible conditions are responded by control system such that losses can be prevented.


Attendees' profile

Instrumentation/electronics/chemical engineers with 2-4 years’ experience in maintenance, design & programming of process industry applications attended the session.

Equipment’s presented for hands-on / demo

  1. Current/voltage  source
  2. Operator station with SCADA software
  3. PLC


Participants received following benefits

  1. Process Owners get access to visualization of control system and its effect on process for automated operations. This can help them to trouble shoot at first stage without involving automation engineer.
  2. Automation Engineers/Programmers get access to visualization of process behavior and effect of PID/Logic on the process. This can help them programme for better control as well as programme for fail safe condition.


Lead Facilitator

Himanshu Desai

  1. Mr. Desai is an Instrumentation Engineer with over experience of 21 years in the field of core Instrumentation, Control Systems and Process Controls for various industrial sectors.
  2. He is a part of many instrumentation and application developments in Chemical, Steel, Textile and Water/Waste Water industries.
  3. He is founder Director of NISH Techno Projects Pvt. Ltd.

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