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Automation Training Zone

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Quality Management

A family of standards and guidelines, that sets the requirements, for the assurance of quality and management’s involvement in an organization.To ensure products and services are consistent with their intended purpose.

  1. Achieve customer satisfaction
  2. Continual improvement of performance and competitiveness
  3. Continual improvement of processes, products and services
  4. Comply with regulatory requirements








Attendees' profile

Team member with two years of experience in handling different equipment’s serving in Production /Maintenance/ Quality departments from management side attended the session.

Equipment’s presented for hands-on / demo

Demo cum exercise station consisted of quality inspection process equipped with Automation devices such as PLC, HMI and sensors.

Participants received following benefits

  1. Access to White Papers and Case Studies
  2. Inside view of In process inspection & Automation as quality management tool.
  3. Production efficiency and Product quality improvement
  4. Hands-on exercise for Vision system.


Lead Facilitator

Mukesh Kumar

  1. Mr. Kumar has more than 6 years of experience in field of Industrial Automation and has worked with Cimplified Controls, Positive Automation & Controls.
  2. He is currently Engineer - Field Application and looks after sales service support and training  at Omron Automation Pvt. Ltd.


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