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Industry Workshop for Integrated Automation



Workshop Objectives

Smart machines, supercritical processes and new enabling technologies in industrial automation are reshaping engineering and manufacturing practices.

Machine builders, consultants and plant designers and owners who are keen to modernize and progress towards zero-defect operations, or prepare themselves for Industry 4.0 are expected to integrate multiple technologies into a seamless and reliable automation system.

Keeping this in view, AIA organises customised workshops for Industry personnel to sharpen their skills on contemporary automation technologies through interactive learning and hands-on practice under the supervision of various experts.

The main objective of these workshops is to provide experiential learning while focusing on your own project improvement. The workshop and associated lab exercises are conducted in a modern set-up with latest software tools, smart sensors and advanced controllers.

The foundation module covers Tier 1 and Tier 2 concepts & creates a vision for participants to move upward to Tier 3 & Tier 4.

For more details on the AIA Skills Initiative, View the full range of modules that industry can choose in future.


Workshop Venues

The workshop can be conducted at the customers location or at one of our Partner Institutes having AIA Integrated Automation facility. The AIA Integrated Automation lab is a fully equipped, state-of-art lab, with automation technologies from leading Industry Partners.

Participant Profile

These multi-disciplinary hands on workshops are suitable for Machine Designers, Production Supervisors, Plant Engineers, Functional Heads in Manufacturing, Maintenance and Quality, responsible for achieving operational excellence. The participants are expected to have Basic exposure to PLC and/or Pneumatic circuits.


Program Faculty

The workshop is conducted by the AIA Campus Connect Partners team drawn from leading companies such as B&R Automation, Festo, Pepperl + Fuchs, Rockwell Automation, Siemens and other eminent faculty. 


Workshop Topics

# 1: Understanding the Challenges in Integration

# 2: Technology of Vision Sensors and RFID and their applications in industry, followed by a practice session of their Integration with PLC, Electro Pneumatics and other Systems

# 3: Understanding of Coordinated Motion Control, followed by a practice session of implementing coordinated Motion Control under different configurations

# 4: Designing advanced HMI screens and integration with PLC software

# 5: Integrating Energy, Safety and Quality Control functions

# 6: Documentation of Practice Project by Participants

# 7: Engineering of Solution by Participants

# 8: Practice sessions and implementation using Integrated Automation kits

# 9: Networking and software issues in Integrated Control & Management

# 10: Challenges of Integration with Robotics


Key Takeaways

#1: Improved ability to conceptualise integrated automation solutions particularly related to machinery and motion control

#2: Sharper insights into the cross-disciplinary demands of programming energy saving, basic safety and product inspection

#3: Exposure to industrial networks and hands-on practice in programming variety of automation equipment

#4: Exposure to visual diagnostics and maintenance methodologies



Organised By


Supporting Technology Partners



About Automation Industry Association

Automation Industry Association (AIA) is India’s apex automation industry body, with nearly 30 high tech automation companies. The technologies they represent encompass electrical automation, mechanical automation, continuous and batch process automation, robotics, machine vision, assembly and material handling systems, sensors, controllers, actuators, communication devices, HMI, real-time software, simulation, training, and a host of interface and supporting sub-systems. It’s Campus Connect initiative delivers brand-agnostic Educational Curriculum for Universities and inculcates Integrated Automation Practices and Skills consonant with emerging global trends.


View sample workbook for participants.


For customised workshops, contact

Anup Wadhwa


Automation Industry Association

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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