Manufacturing Intelligence

Manufacturing Intelligence for Auto Components & Discrete Manufacturing

Manufacturing Intelligence is referred to industrial application of information technology for crucial monitoring, proactive notification, and automation capabilities that help manufacturers adapt to changing conditions and avoid alarming scenarios.

Manufacturing Intelligence systems are used to analyze and present the plant floor data in the form of actionable information and is useful for tracking, alerting and reducing unplanned downtime, analyzing quality metrics in real-time, adjusting machine parameters wherever necessary, genealogy tracking and tracing, monitoring and improving process efficiencies etc.


Who should attend?

Functional Managers / Production Managers from automotive component or discrete manufacturing plants that have automation equipment or are investing in automation with embedded intelligence. 

Pre requisite

Basic knowledge of machinery, automation and IT. Exposure to continuous improvement practices and analyzing shop floor MIS is preferred for those wanting more in-depth exposure. 

Equipment available for hands-on / demo

Data Concentrator, SCADA software, Manufacturing Intelligence Reports

Key benefits for those aspiring to develop further skills in Manufacturing Intelligence

  1. Access to White Papers and Case Studies
  2. Live validation of data from localized systems
  3. Hands-on on SCADA console
  4. Insight to Industrial networking and data collection


Lead Facilitator

Vikas Kaushik

  1. Mr. Kaushik is an Electronics & Communication Engineer with MBA in Marketing.
  2. He has more than 5 years of experience in application of Industrial Automation, AndOn Systems and Manufacturing Intelligence.
  3. He is Sr. Automation Sales Engineer with Encon Systems International, who are Channel Partners of Rockwell Automation and actively involved in implementation of Manufacturing Intelligence and Automation in Automobile and Auto Component Sector.